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Attention: Ladies Over 40

Are You Upset by What You See in the Mirror?   


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We help women over 40 struggling to regain a youthful appearance, to lose that stubborn body fat and increase energy. Our philosophy is that women can reverse the
aging process with the right knowledge and guidance. We help women over 40 learn how to win at fat loss and develop the success mindset So That They Can Develop a Healthier Lifestyle And They Can Feel Happier about The WAY THEY LOOK AND FEEL and Live with Greater Confidence.  

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Fatigue Facts: What Is Fatigue and Why You Need to Take It as A Serious Health Warning!

Click The Button Below And Give Me Your Best Email Address To Get "What Is Fatigue and Why You Need to Take It as a Serious Health Warning!" document.! This PDF walks you in simple easy to read terms why fatigue should be taken seriously and is a major red flag that danger is lurking under the skin!.


Our Age Defying Experiences

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 Cellulite Buster

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 Group Plant Based Detox

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 Juicy Fit Online Experience

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Susan Blueberry Hill

"My name is Susan Hill. I struggled after about age 45 to reduce belly fat and I was shocked at the wrinkles and sagging skin I was accumulating. I decided to study holistic nutrition and return back to weight training something I had done for over twenty years but stopped. I also got a personal training certification with National Academy of Sports Medicine. I developed a method to lose body fat, increase toned muscle and tighten skin. But more than that I really wanted to understand why I was going to hell in a hand basket. I need to get to the source of my problems. I also studied herbal medicine and yoga. In the photo to the left I competed in the 60+ Bikini category placing eight at The Universe 2023. I was 60 years old. I also a Robbins-Madanes Life Coach which I decided to embark on to improve my coaching skills and work with psychology at a deeper level for my clients."

Through her training courses, and LIVE events, Susan Hill has inspired hundreds of women worldwide to reverse the hands of time and gain more confidence by rejuvenating their health and fitness with a solid foundation in holistic nutrition, prana vinyasa yoga and deep strategic mindset.  

Susan has proven that it doesn't matter what age you are-you can lose body fat, increase muscle, tighten skin, improve endurance, relieve stress and have super health just by taking action and learning how your body works. 

Get To Know Susan Blueberry Hill Better

Because Age Is Just A Number...REALLY!


Problems women over forty experience:

Are You Experiencing
Frustration Trying to Lose Weight and Improve Saggy Skin? Do You Lack Energy to Do the Extra Things You Want to Do?


Does This Sound Like You?

As women we have been conditioned to believe that our looks are who we are and when they fade away we feel a tremendous sense of loss and confusion about our identity. Aging can be graceful and have more meaning for us if we focus on health. Most of the issues that come with aging are due to metabolic imbalances, a lack of nutrition and an excess of poisons in the body.  Just because we get older chronologically we do not need to fall apart.

  • Do you feel like... you don't believe in yourself?
  • Does it seem... you don't know how to create vibrant health?
  • Are you frustrated that... friends and family think you're a lost cause ?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...  want to scream and cry at your feelings of frustration at trying to fix the problems with little to show for it ! ?

Making Positive Changes to Your Body Is Not as Hard as You May Think. You Simply Have Not Gotten the Right Information. It's Not Your Fault.

We teach you how to heal yourself

  • ​Reduce Stress: Practice yoga to let go of stored emotions and soothe your nervous system
  • ​Understand  How to Control Hunger: Learn the basics of stabilizing your metabolism
  • Learn How to Control Thoughts and Emotions : Stop the cycle of them controlling you


Proven Outcomes


"Testimonial.  Susan coached me for 3 months. In that time I was able to kick dairy which I was allergic to and previously addicted. I lost 50 pounds and feel so much better. Still got a way to go."



"Testimonial  Since starting to work with Sue for the last 16 months I've become more flexible and balanced. My friends think I look thinner. I now have great form thanks to Sue. "



"Testimonial  - I have been practicing yoga with Sue for over 6 months. I have gained strength and stamina along with developing and toning muscle which has helped me to be healthy and live an active lifestyle."



All Our Experiences

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Juicy Fit Online Experience

If You're Looking for a Program that Can Help You Achieve Ageless Beauty Your Prayers Have Been Answered!
Join the Juicy Fit Experience of Mature Women Who Defy the Laws of Physics, Refuse to Accept Defeat and Look and Feel Decades Younger.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Learn how to develop a winning mindset so you can stop yourself from an eating-frenzy-downward-death-spiral.and drinking-a- whole-bottle-of-wine-until- you're-comatose so you  feel self-respect.
  • Learn how to eat to maximize your metabolism so that you can stay at a healthy weight year round. , so you can avoid the dreaded off season weight gain.
  • ​Learn how to reduce stress using natural medicine and movement to increase energy and wind down after a long dayso you can relax and have a calm peaceful mind and avoid over eating.
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Cellulite Buster

If you sign up for Juicy Fit you get this for FREE as a bonus. Not for sale individually. This PDF outlines what cellulite is and why you have it. I'm giving you my best diet, training and supplement approach to busting through the toughest cellulite to a smoother firmer skin that will make you the envy of all your friends! Results may vary.

Inside this training, you will discover:

  • ​What cellulite is structurally, so you can understand why your skin is uneven and bumpy.
  • ​Common surgical procedures and why I don't recommend them but rather, choose natural methods that require will power so you can benefit long term rather than relying on a knife.
  • ​Exercise and a new therapy to try, so you can...see what works best for you.
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Booty Bootcamp

1 hour video teaching you all my favorite booty lifting exercises. You do these and you'll get that bubble but you've been dreaming doesn't happen over night.

Inside, we'll show you:

  • ​Develop proper form, so you can avoid wasting your time and getting discouraged.
  • Develop will power, so you can have patience to see the fruits of your labor.
  • ​Develop a positive habit of training your booty so you can avoid getting softer in the tush as years pile on.


Blog: Because Age is Just a Number

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Getting Focused on Your Physique So You Can Sail Through the Holidays Unscathed

Monday, March 20, 2023

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