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Hello and welcome to my site. If you're trying to make sense of your life and looking for solutions that will help you feel better about yourself I know I've got something worth sharing with you. 

My story:


For a very long time I was pushed by pain. I wasn't really successful. I had a lot of inner conversations that sounded like, "You're not good enough. Nobody likes you. You don't know enough." You know those kinds of thoughts that run around your head? That voice drove me to over eat, over spend, over drink, etc. 

I was fat, broke and unhappy. During 2011 I realized my spiritual connection with Source. I started to meditate and became a part of a spiritual community, Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, CA (now Beverly Hills). I started to become more aware of my inner conversations. 

I had always loved animals. I felt closer to them than to my human family. They didn't judge me. They loved me no matter what I did, what I looked like or how much money I had. And they loved me.


Eventually I became an animal communicator with Penelope Smith. I was on Dog Whisperer TV Show in 2008. I learned a lot from Cesar Millan. Learning to communicate with other life forms has helped me grow tremendously.


If you have unanswered questions about your animal friend and you're interested in having a session with me on the phone or FB chat click here.

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I had always been interested in nutrition. I became certified with David Wolfe Nutrition in 2019 and am currently becoming board certified in holistic nutrition with UEXL.


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I wrote a book called, "Winning with Real Food". This book is about how organic non-GMO food has a profound effect on how you feel, how you think and the results you get in your life. If you would like to learn more about it click here.

I also wrote a workbook for animal parents who suffered the loss of their dear animal friends called "Lessons in Letting Go Workbook". This is a workbook designed to help you get in touch with your feelings and how to learn to release your animal friend energetically so you both can feel better. If you're interested in learning more about that workbook it's also coming soon.


I am a lover of the Earth. I care deeply for all of LIFE and I get upset by corporations causing mass harm through raping our land and poisoning our air, earth  and water. I think we need a clean environment.


The Earth will be okay once she sheds us humans. I'd like to stay here. It's so beautiful this little blue green space ship in the Milky Way. I have reverence for her and am in awe of the majesty and beauty of the mountains, the forests and the oceans. 

Sometimes I wish I was a tree. Just hanging in the forest with my buds. But instead I've been given this incarnation as a human. Can't waste it. Gotta help as many humans as I can. There's much work to do.

Love to you,



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