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Hi I'm Susan Hill and I'm a Spirit Medium. This means I can communicate with the spirit realm to bring back messages from those who have crossed over. I can also talk to angels and spirit guides.

I am an animal communicator, too! I can "talk" to any animal... domestic or wild. This is called telepathy. It means being able to allow messages from any sense channel to come through such as vision, hearing, physical sensation, etc. 

I have a passion for health and holistic nutrition and I want you to know that there's a direct link between what you put in your mouth and the life you lead.  I was a healing arts practitioner for over twenty seven years using energy medicine.


Books by Susan

Creating a Purpose Driven Life with Food that Heals

Coming in April 2020

Winning with Nutrition

shamanic Plant Spirit Medicine

I acquired an aged horse, Harley, who had never left the property he had been raised on until his owner wanted to get rid of him and he ended up with me. He was sad and suffering some emotional trauma from leaving his home. Susan helped me understand this about him, and simultaneously let him know he was with me forever and I would never abandon him again. His emotional state improved noticeably after our session. Worth every penny!

Martha H.

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