What is Your Furry Friend Trying to tell you?

  • What could he or she be trying to say to you?

  • Do they have a mysterious injury or behavior despite going to the vet?

  • Does your friend have a history of abuse and you'd like to know what happened?

  • Is your fur baby at the end of his or her life? Not sure "when" is the right time to say goodbye?


Animal Communication can help you understand and address hidden issues by understanding your furry friend's unique perspective. 

From Susan,




"It is my deep love for animals and my desire to help people understand them fully that is my number one goal. Most pet parents don't have the knowledge and understanding to build acceptance and  cooperation from their furry friends. I will help you not only dive deeply into their minds but give you simple steps to better behavior and a more peaceful home. Solving problems doesn't need to be complicated."

What is animal communication?
Animal communication is based on telepathy. This is simply the ability to use the entire body as a sending and receiving station to pick up energetic impulses. These come through any of the sense channels, like hearing a voice, a physical sensation, or seeing an image in the mind's eye.
Most people have the ability to also communicate but block it by disbelieving that it is possible. You may have done this yourself on occasion by thinking of someone you haven't seen in a long time and then the phone rings or FB messenger dings and it's that very person you were thinking about...that's telepathy. Professional animal communicators have trained their minds to be able to communicate telepathically at will.
Animals may want to "talk" telepathically if they have something important to say that hasn't been acknowledged by their people. 
Generally animals are cooperative when they are understood however I cannot make your friend do anything they do not want to do. 
I can communicate with your furry friend or any animal for that matter long distance such as over the phone or video chat. Most of my work is done this way. I have communicated as far away as Australia with a dog. As long as the person has a connection with the animal then I can connect.
Things I need to begin: 
a well lit photo and name of your friend and
an area of concern you'd like to have direction. I like to tune into the animal from the photo to make sure I can connect and that he/she wants to "talk". If they do then we can move forward with a scheduled session. 
I recommend writing down questions you'd like answered so you don't forget anything. I can also make an audio copy if you want. Please request this in advance. 

My training & experience:
I have been a professional animal communicator since 2004. I personally trained with Penelope Smith, the grandmother of animal communication Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 including a dolphin trip to Bimini and a wild animal excursion in Costa Rica. I am trained to teach others how to communicate with animals as well.
I have worked with thousands of animals. There is no animal I cannot communicate with except if that animal doesn't want to "talk". 
I addition to telepathy I have studied animal behavior through books, seminars and mentoring with experts.
In 2007 I met Cesar Millan and was on his TV show "Dog Whisperer". I continued to learn about dog psychology from another dog whisperer in LA for several years.
My first experience with mediumship:
Mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirit.
It all started when my dog, Ali, was dying from bone cancer. After his assisted transition in 2000, I could "hear" his chain choker jingle as if he was physically present. I could also hear his "bark" as if he was standing right in front of me. No one else in my family could hear him and I thought I might be going insane with grief. 
Later I could "see" his spirit illuminated in the darkness. He was letting me know he was alright and in fact very much alive and well. Determined to fully understand what had happened to me I started my journey into mediumship and animal communication. 
Lost pets:
I do NOT do lost pets cases any more. Approximately 80 % of the time the animal is not found. I find the best solution is to hire a professional pet detective.
I am not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose, treat or prescribe medications for your pet. If you have a medical emergency please see your pet's doctor.
To schedule an appointment for animal communication click here .
I recommend a 30 minute session and this costs $85. Most all issues or concerns can be addressed in one thirty minute session except multi dog issues which need to be purchased as a dog behavior session because this is more of a relationship issue and takes a lot more time. click here.
I have many years experience as well with animal behavior and nutrition. I will help you understand your friend better by communicating to you their feelings and opinions. 
Past history:
Many animals who are rescued have an unknown past. It can be very helpful to find out what circumstances your new friend has come from so that the two of you can move forward together.
 A Case of Mysterious behavior:
One client's female dog kept acting strangely going to her pet mom and staring at her. The woman was sure that the dog was trying to tell her something. She called me to find out what it was. The female dog was concerned about the male dog she lived with who would no longer play with her.
He, unbeknownst to the lady, had stopped playing and acted fatigued. The female insisted that he be taken to the family veterinarian. The woman acted upon the communication by taking the dog for a blood test. The results revealed his thyroid markers had fallen below the normal limit and he would need medication. Once the medication was taken the male dog returned to normal play activities.
Both dogs and the lady were pleased much to the surprise of the open minded veterinarian.

"Ok I'm a believer. Nico has not bitten anyone since you "talked" to him."

Laurie n. 

Nico is a gelding who had no idea his biting humans hurt them. He was only treating his caretakers like he treated other horses as no one had taught him differently. When Susan "spoke" to Nico and explained that humans were more fragile than horses and that they did not appreciate being bitten and wanted him to stop doing it because it hurt them, Nico was shocked. He never bit another human again.

Payment must be made

before the session except intro no-cost session. No exceptions. 

Payment must be made

before the session except intro no cost session. No exceptions. 

Dog Psychology Consultations

Dogs think differently than people do.

When dogs are treated equal to humans this is causes confusion for dogs. They will not know their correct "place" within the home. In other words: dogs have been treated equal to humans which makes them think they can do what they want. In dog psychology a dog cannot be equal to another dog or to a human. Either they are above you in rank or below you but never equal. Dogs who are omega in ranking are easier to control as they aren't vying for a higher rank and so it may seem that the above statements aren't true. When you have an alpha or a beta dog (higher in ranking than an omega {last place} then you will understand the how dog psychology works.

Susan can help you to learn how to correctly communicate with your dog so that he or she understands what it is that you want of him or her in minutes rather than months. Each dog easily understands dog psychology but rather the people take much longer to utilize this way of working with dogs. It can be learned with practice. All it takes is open mindedness and intention.

Got questions?

"I'm sure you wonder if this is real or if it can help you. Set up a time to speak and we can see how animal communication can help you and your furry friend."

Susan Hill

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Payment must be made

before the session except no-cost intro session. No exceptions. 

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