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I have been an animal communicator since 2004. I personally trained with Penelope Smith Animal Communication 1, 2, 3, 4 including a dolphin trip to Bimini and a wild animal excursion in Costa Rica. I am trained to teach others how to communicate with animals as well.
I have worked with hundreds of animals. There is no animal I cannot communicate with except if that animal doesn't want to "talk".
What is animal communication? Animal communication is based on telepathy. This is simply the ability to use the entire body as a sending and receiving station to pick up energetic impulses. These come through any of the sense channels, like hearing a voice, a physical sensation, or seeing an image in the mind's eye.
Animals may want to talk if they have something important to say that hasn't been acknowledged by their people. 
Generally animals are cooperative when they are understood however I cannot make your friend do anything they do not want to do.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose, treat or prescribe medications for your pet. If you have a medical emergency please see your pet's doctor.
To schedule an appointment for animal communication click here .
I recommend a 30 minute session and this costs $85. Most all issues or concerns can be addressed in one thirty minute session except multi dog issues which need to be purchased as a dog behavior session click here.

Dog Psychology Consultations

Dogs think differently than people do.

When dogs are treated equal to humans this is causes confusion for dogs. They will not know their correct "place" within the home. In other words: dogs have been treated equal to humans which makes them think they can do what they want. In dog psychology a dog cannot be equal to another dog or to a human. Either they are above you in rank or below you but never equal.

Susan can help you to learn how to correctly communicate with your dog so that he or she understands what it is that you want of him or her. 

I have included some videos of a consultation to teach Meredith how to help her timid dog, Sharkey and her bold dog, Goose. Each dog requires a different approach yet both understand their own species dog psychology.

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Please note that for legal reasons we cannot give out medical advice. 

Consult a skilled, licensed health practitioner for diagnosis and treatments of disease & ailments.

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