by Susan Hill

Have you given up when it comes to looking good?

Do you feel like being thin, having energy and feeling youthful is not in the cards for you at this stage of life?

Finally a "no-nonsense" downloadable book you can read in one afternoon that demystifies how to take back control of your body through eating real food, i.e., food that is not genetically modified or chemically altered. Real food the way mother nature intended it. Food that makes you feel really good in fact you feel like a kid again. 


Are you tired all the time?                       

Do you have a spare tire or a big butt despite being careful about what you eat?

Have you given up on trying to be thin after years of diets?

Do you crave sugar, meat, alcohol or fast food even though you know this is really bad for you?

Do you get colds and the flu frequently?

Do you suffer from mood swings?

Are you plagued with gas and bloating?

End the Diet Merry Go Round by Eating Foods that Nourish Your Gut Health by Improving Digestion

All my life I suffered from being known as the "fat girl" despite exercising for hours every day. It was embarrassing and humiliating.

Allow me to introduce name is Susan Hill. I am 57 years old. At the age of 54 I finally found myself considered "too thin.








Weird because all my life I was known as the "fat girl". As a little girl I was fat. I always wanted to eat cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, soda and candy instead of wholesome foods. 














In high school kids made fun of me. They called me a "fire hazard" when I stood in the hallways. As I entered college I wanted to get thin. I was obsessed with dieting and exercising. I planned all my meals and lifted weights and did cardio. I did this for eight years hoping to look like the fitness models I saw in the magazines. I was serious about working out. I ate lots of salad. 

Yet I was horribly over weight. It was a nightmare. I used to binge eat. I remember one day I saw a guy I had a crush on at the mall. He actually stopped to speak to me. He said that I looked like I "used to work out..."oh boy that really hurt. I could tell he wasn't attracted to me because of my weight. I was 152 pounds and 5 ft 5" inches.  I wore a size 11/12 dress. I was desperate to change my body and change my life. I knew that I was really a thin person inside.  Let's not be unreal want attractive women to date. I felt like my weight was really holding me back. I also lacked confidence because I felt so ashamed of the way I looked.











So I set out to conquer this weight thing. Mostly it was all trial and error at first.

But what I learned is that I had stripped my body of good bacteria from taking birth

control pills, antibiotics, steroids and from eating massive amounts of sugar. I had seriously

damaged my metabolism. My body's weight "set point" had been altered from roller coaster

dieting for many years. I suffered from terrible food cravings and mood swings.

I had also accumulated unwanted guests which further damaged my

intestines. When I finally stopped punishing myself with starvation and heavy

exercise and began nourishing myself with healthful eating my body changed. I felt

better, had better energy, better immunity and my mind and emotional health



And yes I lost a lot of weight. 

I wrote this book outlining what I did and how you can change your body and your

life following this same system. Even if you only follow one tiny part of this book you

will experience greater vitality. Although I cannot promise you will lose weight as

most people never lose any weight at all when they buy a book about weight loss I

can promise that you the principles of health are sound and that if you follow them you will

experience better health. 

And here's more...Here's just a fraction of what you'll learn...

  • How low calorie high carb dieting actually makes you store fat

  • How to increase your metabolism without strenuous exercise

  • Can you really lose weight in the next 14 days? ...p. 34

  • The new approach to weight loss that increases energy and makes you look younger...p. 22

  • The 7 Step approach that melts off fat...p. 15

  • The 3 main beliefs that are keeping you fat and how to eliminate them...p. 45

  • The one diet beverage that will prevent you from losing weight and actually makes you                                                GAIN weight and develop brain tumors...p. 47

  • Four ways to heal leaky gut..p. 23

  • The truth about GMOs...p 15

And so much more!

You can get the book on my website for peanuts right here. I'm 100% sure that you'll love it. In fact

I'm so confident you might think I'm crazy.

Here's why:

                                      If you don't love the book let me know. I'll give you back all your money and you can keep

                                      the whole thing anyway. You don't have to send anything back either.

                                      So the worst case scenario is you have a free book.

                                      The best case is the unwanted pounds melt off and people start complimenting you on how                                              great you look.

                                      If that sounds good to you go ahead and get the book. I guarantee you'll love it. 

                                      And as a special bonus when you buy the book you'll also get a no-cost Advanced 90                                                          minute webinar that will walk you through what's in the book so you can get the most out of it                                            and start reaching your goals. So click on the "Buy Now" button below and you'll be on your                                              way to a happier you.




That's me at age 10

That's a 23 year old Susie trying to not be fat.

Legal disclaimer: No weight loss claims of any kind are being remotely promised here. All examples of results are for informational purposes. Most people who try to lose weight fail.


Susan Hill

Your friend,

That's me at age 22 graduating college

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