LIVE Detox Using           Fruits & Vegetables 

with Susan Hill, Health Advocate


14 Days

Registration Open

Includes 2 Zoom calls that inspire and guide you on the path to having the best cleanse ever!

Includes shopping list and "detoxing 101 guide"

Plus daily support with a group

telegram chat.




Seats are limited so sign up right away! 

Did you know that detoxification is more important than nutrition?

In today's modern world we are surrounded by as many as 85,000 chemicals in our air, water, food, homes and cars. We cannot escape toxicity but WE CAN do something about it.

What is detoxing or cleansing and why do we need to do it?

Detoxing is about using specific nature based remedies that have been used for thousands of years as well as some more recent discoveries. These help bring our bodies back into balance by eliminating foreign substances that don't belong there and ruin our health.

The spring season is the most important time of year to deeply cleanse your body on a cellular level. We are coming out of the winter months where we have been inside and more sedentary here in North America. This is the cleanse you won't want to miss!

Some common signs that you are toxsick and need to cleanse are...

Weight Gain/Loss 


Hand Tremors



Autoimmune Disease



Joint Pain




High Blood Pressure



Heart Disease

Mood Swings

Brain Fog





Thoughts of Failure 

Relationship Troubles




Anger Issues


non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver

Leaky Gut

Sugar Cravings

Black Mold

Nail Fungus


What's included in our Vegetable & Fruit Group Detox Program:

  •  Feel Calmer & Less Emotional

  • Assist You in Beginning a New Chapter of Healthy Living​

  •  Teach You Nutrition, Herbal & Super Food Strategies

  • ​Help You to Get Control over Stress in Your Daily Life

  • ​Teach You Detox Strategies for Healthy Living

  • ​Support Rebuilding Healthy Relationships

  •  Feel Supported to Let Go of All that No Longer Serves You 

  •  Begin a Hopeful New Life Full of Opportunities for Plentitude!

Sign Up for Susan's Live Week Long Group Detox Program to detox your body, mind and emotions along with Susan and friends! 

Looking for Cleansing products to spring clean your gut and body from the inside out? Check out these products from Microbe Formulas. 

Earnings Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Microbe Formulas and if you buy from this link I will receive a small commission.

One Happy Client

Invitation from Susan:

After detoxing myself and feeling  a total shift in my mood and vitality I've decided to begin leading detox programs. I can honestly say I feel lighter, freer and my digestion has improved significantly.


I set the intention to let go of anything holding me back and I've seen a radical shift in m life. I'd really like you to give it a go and join me on this 7 day exciting detoxing journey. Sign up today!

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