Break through the Blocks that Keep

You Sick, Tired & Stuck in Life

To become your best you must eat in a way that promotes true healing and high performance.


Nobody wants to diet and eat foods that are flavorless and boring. I believe nutrition should be fun and life affirming.

I will suggest foods that will allow your body to detoxify, to minimize inflammation and to promote a healthy gut environment.


Scientists are now learning that the good bacteria that line your digestive tract are critical to your overall health. but only affecting the physical body but the emotions and mind as well.  Having a healthy lifestyle is critical to today's leaders in business, families, education, healthcare, etc. Because toxicity is at epidemic proportions we need individuals like you to transform your life and then be the example for others so they know what is possible.

I have created a path for transformation based on my own journey including over 200 years of expert knowledge from practicing doctors and health experts around the globe. 


    This includes:

  • Detoxification

  • Superfoods

  • Medicinal Mushrooms

  • Gut Health/ Microbiome

  • Organic & non-GMO Foods

  • Raw Foods

  • Living Water

  • Clean Air

  • Meditation

  • Movement

  • Yoga

  • Strength Training

  • Earthing

  • EMF Radiation Blocking

  • Positive Affirmations

  • Hypnosis

  • Doing What You Love

  • Self-Love

  • Goal Setting

  • Goal Tracking

  • Emotional Detox

  • Sauna

  • Letting Go of Toxic People, Places, Jobs, Beliefs, Etc.

  • Having Fun

  • Laughter

  • Nature

"The Root Cause of Disease" With SUSAN HILL


Pay attention to your thoughts

Whatever comes out of our mouths is an indication of our core beliefs about a subject such as, "I'm unlucky in love," or "I can never seem to get ahead in life," or "I'll always be fat."


These types of thoughts stem from a core belief that our results in life are beyond our control. It's almost like life is happening to us. We feel that we have no control over what is happening or that we are victims. But this is not really true.


Our beliefs actually shape our reality. What we believe influences our decisions and our actions. 

Becoming conscious about our core beliefs allows us to choose better more empowering beliefs. This helps us to create a new life that we delight in living.

Susan helps you to uncover these unconscious blocks to health, success and prosperity.

holistic Nutrition fuels your cells with love

There seems to be a big disconnect between what we eat and our current state of health-mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. According to Dr. David Hawkins world renowned spiritual teacher, author and psychiatrist the energy of love is the level of healing. Without love no healing can take place.


Most of our food supply is devoid of nutrition due to demineralization of the soil, chemical toxins, over processing/cooking and high sugar consumption.


Eating foods that are "fake" is poison to our bodies. Little children fed diets high in GMOs are developing autism, allergies and developmental issues that could not only be completely avoided on an organic non-GMO diet but could be totally reversed.


Nutrients must be present in our food if we are to flourish on every level. We must no longer subscribe to eating anything and everything and then taking a magic pill to cure our disease.


We must begin to love ourselves and put ourselves first. Otherwise we cannot be good for anyone else in our lives. If we cannot allow healing to take place through self-care then the quality of our relationships also suffer.


We must instead become actively involved in a healthy lifestyle that nurtures and sustains life and living. The health of each of our trillions of cells determines what kind of a life we lead.


Learning how to make small simple shifts that last a lifetime is totally worth one SINGLE personalized coaching session, don't you agree?

As little as one single session can have a great impact on your life. Click here to learn more about receiving  individualized coaching.

Susan Hill is called a transformational coach for a reason. She gets results for her clients.

The best coaches are the ones who have been through it all. They've come out the other side of the fire of transformation... reborn into the new paradigm. It isn't enough to say you can coach someone.


But rather it is imperative to be an example of what is possible for your clients.

Most coaching programs don't really help people change. This is because the root cause of the issues aren't addressed.

In my coaching I help you eliminate the root cause of suffering in your life which is a combination of toxicity in the mind and body.




  1. I focus on detoxification protocols that purify the mind/body.

  2. I help you to learn how to nourish your mind and body. 

  3. I help you to become aware of your internal dialogue.

  4. I will help you shift your underlying mental programming and dominant vibration to align with what you truly want.

  5. I also help create a lifestyle that fully supports excellence in every area of your life. How can you truly be happy and whole when you're eating tons of sugar, alcohol, caffeine, allergens, pesticides and GMOs?


My programs help you create simple shifts that will last a lifetime of incredible growth and peak performance. 

When the vibrational frequency is off true health and healing of life structures cannot occur.

Want to start a personalized plan to transform your life? click here 

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