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Watch the Video Below to Learn How to Become Juicier!

How I Went from The Fat Girl All My Life to Bikini Competitor at Age 60  

Lose Bodyfat, Get Stronger, Get Younger Looking Skin,  Increase Confidence!  Radiate Beauty from the Inside Out.

If You're Looking for a Program that Can Help You Achieve Ageless BeautyYour Prayers Have Been Answered!

Join the Juicy Fit Experience of Mature Women Who Defy the Laws of Physics, Refuse to Accept Defeat and Look and Feel Decades Younger.

Don't Watch the Video Below If You Want To Stay Stuck in A Body You Are Unhappy with, Stressed Out and Feeling Defeated ...

Juicy Fit Topic Focus: Cellulite Reduction, Setting Powerful Individual Goals, Community Building, Stress Reduction, Anti-Aging, Youth Generating Skin Care, Fat Loss, Super Nutrients, Toxin-Free Environment, Dangers of EMFs, Toxins, Detoxification, Bone Health, Cardiovascular Health, Brain Health, Eye Health, Resistance Training, Vinyasa Yoga, Balance Exercises, Herbalism, Raw Foods, Low Sugar Desserts, Shakes, Elixers and Much more...

In This Video Above We Explain the Three Secrets to Losing (and Maintaining Fat Loss), Reversing the Aging Process and Managing Stress So You Don't Pig Out on Fattening Foods That Sabotage Your Goals and Kill Your Progress.


SECRET #1 Do you tell yourself you'll never be able to look (and feel) better no matter what you do?

Women who defy aging think differently. Learn how to develop a winning mindset so you can stop yourself from an eating-frenzy-downward-death-spiral.and drinking-a- whole-bottle-of-wine-until- you're-comatose. Watch the video above to learn more about Juicy Fit Community mindset.


SECRET #2 Do you wonder how to lose body fat and keep it off year round?

Learn how to eat to maximize your metabolism so that you can stay at a healthy weight year round. Learn how to balance hormones with super nutrition, herbs and how to detoxify your body so you can have endless energy. Watch the video above to learn how Juicy Fit Community optimizes nutrition.


SECRET #3 Does stress make you want to stuff your face full of fattening foods?

Face it. The world is getting crazier each day by the truck loads. Learn how to reduce stress using natural medicine and movement to increase energy and wind down after a long day. Watch the video above to see how Juicy Fit Community reduces stress while decreasing your waistline.

PLUS You'll Get Over $700 Worth of Youth Enhancing Info for FREE Just for Saying Let's Try This!

All You Need to Do Is Try It and You Get to Keep All The Gifts...FREE!

When You Subscribe to The Juicy Fit Community You''ll Also Receive a Free Subscription to Anxiety Reducing Prana Vinyasa Yoga Personally Taught by Susan Hill One 55 Min Class Per Week. 
$100 Value

Telegram Chat with Your Juicy Fit Community Members.

Telegram is a completely encrypted channel that protects your information unlike Snapchat and Whatsapp where your data is harvested and recorded.

90 Min Group Zoom Call/Month

Each month we'll explore anti-aging and longevity  topics like super foods, mushrooms, raw foods, glandulars, fasting, urotherapy, High Interval Training, electronic medicine, structured water, sun gazing, cell rejuvenation, and more. Then we'll answer questions from participants. This will be recorded and available to view later in your library.

55 Min Resistance Training/Month

Get the shape you want by building muscle in all the right places. We'll hit all the areas you most want to improve right in the comfort of your home or office. No equipment? No worries. Just bands, body weight and small hand weights. This is offered once per month.

What Some of The Other Customers Are Saying...

"Susan's coaching was encouraging to me and in a six months I was able to lose 40 lbs and stay away from foods I was addicted to that were causing me digestive issues. "

Tiffany B. Florida

"Since starting to work with Sue for the last 16 months I've become more flexible and balanced. My friends think I look thinner. I now have great form thanks to Sue. "

Linda R. CT

"I have been practicing yoga with Sue for over 6 months. I have gained strength and stamina along with developing and toning muscle which has helped me to be healthy and live an active lifestyle. "

Carolyn B. CT

Who Is Susan Hill to Lead This Group?

Susan Hill is a certified nutrition coach, NASM personal trainer and prana vinyasa yoga teacher. She's also a national level NPC Masters 60+ Bikini competitor. She coaches women over forty to lose body fat, gain muscle and regenerate their body temples to their highest potential.

But It Wasn't Always This Way...

2021 CT Grand Prix

2023 The Universe

My Backstory

When I was ten years old I had a real problem with food especially sweets. I remember getting home from school and immediately heading to the kitchen and stuffing my face full of devil dogs and ding dongs.I would eat maybe 3 or 4 of these. For those of you who don't know what those treats are I'll fill you in. They're chocolatey cakes filled with creme and fudge. My father would get angry with me because I wouldn't eat dinner. My stomach hurt because I couldn't go to the bathroom. That's me at 10 years old and I was over weight for my age. I wanted to be a ballerina but I lacked confidence especially because kids would make fun of me.

At 18 I went to college. I gained tons of weight while at school then would starve myself during the summers.  Then gain 30 pounds back in the fall eating late night pizza, french fries and half a bottle of white wine. It was a vicious cycle.
Then I finally decided to start weight training. I wanted to be a body builder. I worked out endlessly but sadly after eight long years I literally looked like I was just a fat girl. I remember one day I went to the mall shopping and this cute guy came up to me. He checked me out looking up and down, making a bicep flex and said, "You look like you used to work out."
I thought, "Whaaat? Used to...used to??'ve got to be freaking kidding me!" I was so embarrassed I walked away from him with my head down wishing the floor would open up and swallow my fat disgusting body whole. I remember going home crying my eyes out and vowing, "I WILL CHANGE MY BODY IF IT"S THE LAST THING I DO."

So I committed myself to a low calorie diet following the advice of my body builder friends. I worked hard, starved myself and after 6 months of deprivation and torture I lost enough body fat to compete in a bodybuilding contest. Although I was able to get lean I had damaged my metabolism with a low calorie diet of some measly chicken and rice. I looked great for the show but afterwards I was a human vacuum and literally couldn't stop eating.

My co-workers and friends told me I had no self-control and I should be ashamed of myself. They made me feel terrible. I was humiliated by the body shaming and I felt really bad about myself. I felt so low like my life would NEVER change. That's me to the left in 1991 at the NY Met.

I gave up and switched sports.

I couldn't stand starving myself again so I decided to become a cyclist. Here I am in the late 90's competing in cyclo-cross.

Then fast forward to today. In 2017 I found myself looking in the mirror in the image to the left...aging, with a pouch belly, tired with massive wrinkles and flabby skin. I felt sick and I lacked energy. I had gas and bloating after every meal.

I literally took a week and meditated to get answers about what to do. I knew that I could be so much more than this. I wasn't even sure what happened or how I seemed to age overnight. I heard my intuition tell me to focus on my health.

I started studying whatever made sense at the time and did an online cleanse with David Wolfe. I found out I was toxic with an intestinal infection. It took me years to eliminate the chemicals and toxic overload.
Finally in 2020 I decided to do a Masters Bikini contest.

One month into the training for the show I broke my wrist on black ice. I fell hard, completely upside down on pavement. I continued on with training with just one arm...and came in 5th. I did another show a few months later and won. Then in 2021 I competed again in the 40+ category and came in 5th.
I just competed in the Masters 60+ Bikini category at The Universe with a broken foot. Whoever places first gets a pro card and the bragging rights that go with it. But this time it wasn't me. Next year.

I formed Body Alchemy & Co

I experimented with myself and found out what works. But I wanted to learn more so I could really know how to help other women. I got certified all with a broken wrist! I started teaching yoga in 2020 helping women slow down and quiet their nervous systems while improving flexibility and increasing strength. With my other certifications I give private consultations for detoxification, nutrition and fat loss for women over 40. I didn't stop there because I know how important psychology is. I am also finishing up to graduate as a life coach  with Robbins Madanes Training which focuses on human needs psychology.
I've fine tuned the process and want you to know you're in good hands. I've done the heavy lifting for you. I've got all your bases covered.

Aren't you sick and tired of being overweight, sluggish and old looking when you know you could be more with just the right tutalage?

When you try the Juicy Fit Experience this is what you get...

I Want to TREAT YOU RIGHT and Set You UP for SUCCESS with $700 Worth of Goodies FOR FREE!

PLUS When you try the membership and test drive Juicy Fit for a full 30 days you'll also receive a FREE one month weekly subscription to
prana vinyasa yoga (an athletic style of yoga called meditation in motion, each movement is connected to the breath taught to me by Shiva Rea) designed to reduce nervous anxiety and generate feelings of happiness...all free! $100 value

I want you to know that the dedication is key to helping you get lean and keeping it off through accountability and education.
You will learn how to build and tone feminine shapely muscle and learn how to eat right to become healthy through super nutrition. This includes
one 55 min class per month to shape and tone your body with bands and body weight. PLUS we'll be building a library so you can always go back and rewatch and train along with the videos. Valued at $30

I'll personally teach you super healthy eating habits and how to prevent backsliding but that's not all...all the accumulated knowledge I have learned as a body builder and nutrition expert to help you get leaner, get stronger and get super healthy. This combination of food science and holistic nutrition is an incredibly rare package that only YOU have access to. Many body builders understand fat loss but have no idea how to accelerate anti-aging. In fact many die from cancer, heart and liver disease EARLY. This is delivered in a 90 min group zoom call once per month. $150 value

You'll also learn about the hidden dangers lurking in what you may be eating and how to detoxify those perils from your system to prevent danger down the road.
I'll guide you through how to manage stress and prevent weight gain through proven protocols that also reduce anxiety.

You'll learn how to rejuvenate (and re-Juicy Fit) your body temple and rebuild it from the cells up...

I'll show you how to begin losing weight (if that's a problem for you) immediately without changing your diet (but if you do you'll see greater results FASTER!)

I'll take you through how to build the three pillars of lasting weight loss. Chances are if you can't keep off the weight you're missing at least one of these.

You'll learn the latest renovations in anti-aging and bio-hacking.

But the best part...are you ready? The best part is
the community...

Imagine a committed group of mature women all together growing and glowing with radiant health, hyper-focused, laser-charged to become their best, supporting each other, caring for each other, sharing losses and celebrating wins.

What could you become in such a field of extraordinary players?

Participating in this program may lead to men, all kinds of men, following you with their eyes and having your husband chase you around the bedroom while you're undressing! Yes you'll be juicier.

And That's Not All When You Say "Maybe" Today

You'll Also Get these BONUSES!

Bonus #1 Cellulite Buster

This PDF outlines what cellulite is and why you have it. I'm giving you my best diet, training and supplement approach to busting through the toughest cellulite to a smoother firmer skin that will make you the envy of all your friends!
$99 value

Bonus #2 Booty Boot Camp 

1 hour video teaching you all my favorite booty lifting exercises. You do these and you'll get that bubble but you've been dreaming of.. a $49 value

Value $49

Bonus #3 Winning with Real Food E-book

Do you feel like being thin, having energy and feeling youthful is not in the cards for you at this stage of life?
Finally a "no-nonsense" downloadable book you can read in one afternoon that demystifies how to take back control of your body through eating real food, i.e., food that is not genetically modified or chemically altered. Real food the way mother nature intended it. Food that makes you feel really good in fact you feel like a kid again. 

Value $29

Bonus #4 Two Group Detoxes Per Year

In our live Zoom meetings, group support in our Telegram 24/7 chat, and expert resources, the detox program helps you break free from toxic patterns and allow a life of vitality, beauty and power.

Be a part of this life-changing opportunity!

Value $250

Juicy Vagina -Priceless

Total Value: $707 

When You Say Maybe Today This IS What You Get...

One month free Juicy Fit Experience

  • One Monthly 90 Minute Zoom Call: $150 Value Once you sign up you'll receive the dates, times and links to join the call via email.
  • ​(4) 55 min Prana Vinyasa Yoga Classes: $100 Value An online zoom class which you can follow along at home. Recorded and put into library so you can view it again and again as you desire.
  • 1 (55 Min) Resistance Training Class:$30 Value An online zoom class using simple bands, hand weights or body weight
  • Online Community Telegram Chat: PRICELESS!!
  • Bonus #1: $99 Value Cellulite Buster Report. A no nonsense report explaining exactly how to reduce cellulite without creams, lotions or potions.
  • ​Bonus #2: $49 Value Booty Bootcamp Video. A video showing you the best glute building exercises without a gym membership.
  • Bonus #3  $29 Value Winning with Real Food E-Book.
  • Bonus #4: $250 Value 2 Group Detoxes-held every six months (June & Dec)
  • Bonus #4:  Priceless Juicy Vagina

Try Before You Buy Today! 
Don't Kick Yourself by Letting This Incredible Life Changing Opportunity Slip By...

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