Changing the Narrative from Fear to Love

Video Description

There's something deeper going on here beneath this pandemic. If we can become still we can begin to become aware of what is truly important in our lives. We have been shocked. Our world has changed over night. We will never be the same. Who are we now?

The old paradigm is trying to hold on to for dear life. Let's not focus on the old paradigm. Instead let's bring our awareness on this: "Is what I'm about to do or say going to help or hurt someone?" Together we can birth the new world order, a just global society. We can become resourceful if we become still and hear the instructions from Source Energy.

Yes take care of yourself. Continue to be safe, wash your hands, take Vitamin C and eat green vegetables. We are going through a detox now from all that no longer serves us. If we can remember that we are safe we will be. I'm holding a FREE live webinar on Tuesday March 24 at 4 PM PS and 7 PM ES. click here to sign up:


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