Conquering Fear through Intention, Nutrition and Detoxing

Updated: Mar 19

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With the recent issuing the statement that the COVID-19 is a pandemic the world has gone into tremendous fear. Susan helps you to see that fear is a choice and although the masses have largely gone unconscious and swallowed the nightmare pill you don't have to. You can redirect your mind towards your inner resilience. You can focus on becoming healthier and make better choices.

You can go outside and get sunshine a natural form of vitamin D that will boost your immune system. You can eat an alkaline diet. You can exercise. You can decide to help others. Susan is holding a live group detox March 20-April 3 using fruits and vegetables. Detoxing is important to rid the body at the cellular level toxins that are preventing the immune system from working at it peak capacity. To learn more or to register go to:


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