How Stress Affects Our Emotions

When most people think about stress they think about having anxiety over situations they cannot control. However not all stress is bad. Stress is what causes us to grow. Think about the role of exercise on the body. It gets "stressed" but in response it gets stronger. So stress is not terrible. It's just when we are unable to cope with stress and if it is chronic then it becomes bad.

So why are we unable to cope with stress and what can we do about it?

In my opinion the inability to cope with stress is a by-product of faulty metabolism, toxic exposure including EMFs and negative thinking. I say this because I suffered from chronic stress for many years. After learning about the effect of holistic nutrition has on blood sugar and the nervous system, calming techniques like deep breathing, meditation and yoga and how to focus on gratitude and universal principles of truth my ability to handle stress improved dramatically.

A faulty metabolism is created by eating foods that are highly processed with chemical preservatives, artificial flavors, loaded with herbicides, pesticides, GMOs and high in sugar and fat. These types of "foods" are not really food at all but a bastardization of real food. These over processed chemical impostors have no life force present in them and can never create a healthy body temple. Why are they legal?

The FDA and the EPA have become captured agencies and are not protecting the public against corporate interests. If public health was really important than why is sugar a main ingredient is such products like coca-cola which is made from genetically modified organisms? 1

Stress can be managed by learning how to control blood sugar. Eating foods that are low glycemic and avoiding caffeine is a great first step. Exercising helps to lower stress as does yoga (especially yoga nidra) and meditation.2 Using adaptogenic herbs like Reishi mushroom, Shizandra, Ashwangandha and Tulsi help the body to adapt to stress.

Emotions can get trapped by the inability to release them as they arise leading to a looping effect. These stored emotions stay in the body sometimes for decades. Such a person with these stuck emotions will be unable to let go of a soured relationship and experience long term lament.

To learn more about releasing emotions that recreate looping negative feelings from a negatively charged situation go to:


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