The Secret to Having An Extraordinary Business Life

When it comes to having an extraordinary business life a person needs to consider that such a extraordinary life cannot be achieved by being sluggish and tired all the time. Energy is needed to persevere the slings and arrows of business as well as personal ups and downs. This often over looked aspect of life is missing from the lifestyles of many driven "over achievers" and depressed "under achievers" until one day they get a diagnosis: CANCER or some equally disturbing pathology term.

For many cancer survivors cancer is not a death sentence. They have learned to change their perception about cancer, from a terrifying illness to a health opportunity that they would not have experienced had they not got cancer. Instead of viewing the illness as a negative they embraced it as a positive.

What causes cancer? Largely we are told cancer is a genetic disease however it in its many forms is mainly metabolic. This means you can prevent it with better lifestyle choices rather than only screen for it and wait to see if it shows up. They are some forms of cancer that are genetic but this is only a 5-10 percentage of cancers.

The root cause of most disease including cancer appears to be inflammation or oxidative stress which occurs from having a pH balance that is acidic.

When the body becomes acidic decay sets in, the body rapidly ages and disease becomes likely without a lifestyle shift. The key to largely changing the body's pH is through having a diet that is mostly 80% green raw vegetables. Inflammation can be reduced and the body's pH balance becomes more alkaline, the body more youthful and with more energy to meet the demands of life.

Hydration is also important as well as adequate sleep, key nutrients, detoxification and exercise to name a few healthful elements although this is only scratching the surface.

Having a successful business life requires having high levels of energy which can only be generated when a holistic lifestyle is maintained that produces high energy.

How are your energy levels? Do you get tired around midday? This is a sign of cell danger response at the cellular level and a sign you need to make some changes to stop disease in its tracks.

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