What Is Telepathy?

Updated: Mar 4

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Video Summary: In this video Susan Hill briefly describes how she first became interested in animal communication twenty years ago. She explains that telepathy is how messages are conveyed from animals and that people can pick them up by being sensitive to energy. She gives one example of case where a people aggressive Doberman was misunderstood. As a baby he had his natural ears cropped (cut) and this hurt him very badly. He never wanted anyone to touch him again. Through explaining to Susan that his cropping caused him such trauma he used aggression as a means to solving problems namely humans. Through mutual respect the dog was able to become his true self: a loving family member.

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Video Transcription:

Hi Everybody it's Susan Hill Animal Communicator and I'm so glad you're here. And I'm sure if you're on this page you're really interested in learning more about how to communicate with animals. I want you to know that I started out just like you I was so curious when I had heard that it was possible to communicate with animals and I was so excited to learn how and I can understand the enthusiasm and excitement and the wonder of the possibility of thinking, "is it really true?" I was just like you .

Well that was a while ago it was almost twenty years ago when I attended my very first class and since then I want you to know I have communicated with hundreds of animals all kinds of animals. Some are people's companion animals and some were wild animals and they all have their own unique way of looking at life and generally most of the people that contact me don't really understand their dogs, cats, birds, horses and they're looking for some sort of an insight to help with maybe a behavior issue or maybe their animal friend is at the end of their life and they're wondering if it's the right time to have them transition or maybe they there's a mysterious injury illness even thought they have taken their friend to the veterinarian for a checkup they can't figure out what's wrong. Animal communication can help.

Now somewhere on this page there's a box where you can signup to get your Free e-book "What Is Telepathy?" and that will walk you through exactly what animal communication is. But let me tell you it's really about energy and being sensitive to it and being able to use your whole body as a way to pick up and send out these energetic impulses which are basically everywhere from people, animals, plants just everything is emitting a frequency. When we can become very sensitive and listen we can pick up and understand just what is being broadcast everywhere so I wanted to give you and example of how animal communication can really help.

Now there was a dog named Panache and he was a very big strong Doberman Pinscher and he was labeled "aggressive" to people. And he had bit some people and it was decided by animal control that he wasn't truly an aggressive dog but yet he was sort of turned into an aggressive dog by the people that had him. They just didn't understand him and they actually made him aggressive in a defensive sort of way. What happened was when I communicated with this Doberman he explained to me kind of like sending me pictures about what happened.

It isn't the same as me and you sitting down and talking but I'm getting a sense through kind of my mind's eye and my inner ear of what the animal is trying to convey. He sent me a picture of his ears and the process of having his ears cropped. Now I'm not sure if you understand but these Dobermans have floppy ears and many other breeds do have floppy ears naturally and they're called natural ears. But because some breeds are preferred they're preferred way of looking according to specific standards of the breed they prefer to crop the ear and it's a process by which they cut about two thirds of the ear off. And I don't know if you realize but the ears are extremely sensitive there are many blood vessels there. When this dog Panache had his ears cropped it was extremely painful to him. He was just trying to defend himself. He bit people after that because he was in a lot of pain He learned that aggression solved a lot of problems for him. It was basically a communication that he was very upset and he did not like what happened to him he had no recourse no option it was just done to him. And he was just reacting.

So when we understood why he was acting the way he was then we were able to move forward now generally animals for the most part I believe the percentage is very high probably somewhere around ninety percent of the way that they interact with people or other animals is based on their instinct. And that instinct comes from Mother Nature and it's based on the way their mind works and their own individual psychology which is very different than our psychology by the way. So when we interact with them when I communicate with them I can't reason like you can't say, "I'm very mad at you and if you don't do this this will happen." They're not you can't reason with animals it's really different so I want you to bear in mind when we're communicating with them we have to take in mind their specific psychology.

So having spent time with Cesar Millan and other dog whisperers I was very aware that this dog was probably an alpha or a beta in terms of his dog personality and the way he interacted with a pack or a hierarchy he needed to have a very strong human strong energy and in a leadership role. He did not receive that and he did not have understanding humans this ways kind of a compound issue with this dog it's not usually not just one there are many factors to consider. Once we took into consideration you know why he was aggressive and how to interact with him and then also how to communicate to him that he needed to be more on the terms with working with people. That we were going to honor him in the sense that we weren't going to hurt him anymore and then in exchange we're developing this beautiful relationship this synergistic relationship and it may sound like a lot of work it can be if you take on a dog like that but what happens is that people just don't understand their animal friends and these problems kind of snowball out of lack of understanding.

So this is one example where the dog was able to blossom into his true self which is loving cooperative and not living in fear that he was going to be hurt again. So he had learned that indeed aggression was a viable way of getting out of harm he had learned that aggression worked and that it did solve problems for him. However in a household where there was a firm leadership and a true understanding about what his needs were he was able to let go of that although it's always there at any future time he could revert back if he needed to but he doesn't need to he's happy now.

So animal communication can help now I want you to know that I have read many books, I've studied with experts and I continue to evolve and grow and I'm here to serve you and your animal friends at the highest level so go ahead

and enter your name and email and get the book "What Is Telepathy?" and then I would love to give you an animal communication session there's a scheduling place right on this page somewhere so go ahead and I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your and your animal friends. Take care. Peace and richest blessings.

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