What You Don't Know about Your Pet's Death (and How this Is Preventing You from Moving on)

Updated: Mar 4

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Pet parents feel guilty over their furry friend's death and there is a simple way to begin feeling better.

We are guilt mongers. We feel guilty about everything.

We need to be more like our pets because they accept us for who we really are. They see us as lovable.

Animals see our wholeness and love us despite our weaknesses and failings.

Animals do not need to forgive us because they never held anything against us. They accept us in each moment.

Honor your furry friend through making better lifestyle choices for her current animal friends if he or she died from a disease like cancer.

Animals Susan have communicated with have told her that they don't blame their pet parents for their death.

You need to practice radical forgiveness as a way to let go of guilt and begin to feel better.

Practice self-praise.

Animals' secret weapon is focusing on the good in their lives. This is why we like them.

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