Why Most People Don't Achieve Their Goals

Updated: Mar 11

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Video Summary:

You've decided on a goal you want to achieve and you have even written it down. But then you go on the internet to research something and then end up somewhere completely else with little accomplished. What happened?

Lack of focus: You became distracted by social media, email, text messages, Facebook messages, Youtube videos... ad infinitum. If it's any consolation internet browsing has been corrupted to have you become distracted to become a consumer by marketers. They want you to buy their products and have designed strategies to deceive you to sway your behavior in their direction. So in order to prevent this from happening you must become ever vigilant and create a plan to stop yourself from falling for their ploys. I find it helpful to write down what I want to achieve on a piece of paper and refer to it to prevent distraction. That way i won't stray away from my initial goal of research when I'm browsing.

Brendon Burchard recommends taking back the morning routine to map out what matters to you most so you can consciously place attention on your most important areas that you want to see improve. He says it is critical to stop looking at your phone first thing as you roll out of bed but rather leave it until much later. This is necessary so that you are not following someone else's agenda. Breaking away from conformity is the key. Conformity is equivalent to mediocrity.

The second reason people fail to achieve their goals is that they fail to realize that every subject is two subjects: the thing itself wanted and the absence of it. When we focus on our desire we feel good. We feel expansive and excited. But when we focus on the absence of what we want we feel frustration, impatience, uneasiness, fear or worry. All these negative emotions create a contraction inside us and when we feel this we close off the part of us that our inner being or higher self. This disconnection from our inner being prevents the manifestation process from happening for us. It is a simple explanation however it is accurate. When we can get into gentle alignment with our desires they can manifest quickly with little effort on our part. This is called conscious co-creating. I learned this from Abraham-Hicks.


Focus on your goals daily and take time to review them by giving yourself a numerical score.

Become aware of how you feel on a continual basis. If you are feeling negative emotion you are focusing on the lack of what you want in your life.

Become deliberate with your morning routine by creating a practice that elevates your energy and renews you r mind like yoga, cardio, breathing exercises, reading text that inspires you and eating nourishing foods that increase mental acuity.

Declare," This is my time." Know that you are more powerful than you think you are.

Transcripts of video/podcast:

Hello everyone it's Susan Hill and today we're going to talk about why most people don't achieve their goals. You know and it's true. Most people don't well why is that? Well if you've decided on a goal that you want to achieve and you have ever probably written it down probably but then you go on the internet and you start researching things and the next thing you know you're like somewhere else completely different than where you started out you completely lost track of what you were intending to do.

And you didn't get your goal accomplished so what happened? Well basically this is a a lack of focus You became distracted by social media, email, text messages, FB messages, Youtube videos and basically internet marketing strategies. Ad infinitum really. If it's any consolation to you internet browsing has been corrupted so that you become distracted basically these marketers they just want you to become a consumer they want you to buy their products case in point. And they've designed strategies to deceive you to sway your behavior in their direction. So in order to prevent this from happening. You must become ever vigilant.

And create a plan to stop you from falling for their ploys so I really find it helpful to write down what I want on a piece of paper so that I don't get distracted because it's happens to everyone and it's not your fault. They use psychology they study human psychology and they know very well what they're doing they desperately want us to follow their breadcrumb trail.

Brendon Burchard author, speaker, on-line marketer he's an awesome guy love Brendon he recommends taking back your morning routine by mapping out what really matter most to you. You know really being very conscious and aware and deliberate on your morning routine so that you do not become distracted because he says that science shows that people who master their morning set powerful intentions for the rest of their day and in doing so you will have a segment intention where you'll actually be saying ok when I walk through the door to this meeting I'm going to bring this particular quality like my presence, my joy, my humor whatever it is.

But if you don't take your morning you will be on your phone like most people when they get up they just roll right over out of bed and grab their phone. Completely out of lack of awareness. completely out of addiction. And he says that if you do this you will not master your day. And Basically you'll just be distracted all day long. You'll be kind of catering to other people's whims rather than living out your own very conscious deliberate life. He also talks about he's a coach and he asks people about what's the first thing they do in the morning and if they say they grab their phone he knows whether they are living a life out of lack of awareness and conformity or they are really deliberately intentionally living their life. So he's a smart guy. I love Brendon.

So the second reason basically people fail to achieve their goals is that they fail to realize that every subject is really two subjects: so it's like I want to I have this desire to make a real lot of money you know I want to increase my income. And then the other flip side of it is I don't have enough money. So it's like two subjects so it may seem like one. And what most people do is that they focus on the lack of something. The lack of what ever they want and then because the way the laws of the Universe work wherever they place their the attention the Universe brings more of that. It's a proven law.

So the whole key of knowing whether or not you're consciously creating what you want versus what you don't want is just to focus on how you're feeling. So if you can really care about how you feel and then be able to focus on it you can notice whether you're in joy and you're excited and you're like thinking about all these great ideas and you feel like you're in the flow you know like oh I feel so good or you're like frustrated you're impatient you're worried you may even be fearful you may feel disconnected these are all signs that you are not where you need to be you're actually in a closed state and you're blocking your ability to manifest whatever it is you desire so focusing on the feeling is very key and Iearned this from Ester and Abraham-Hicks. It took me a little bit of time.

You don't always know if everything you hear is the truth it takes a little bit of time to you kinda test the waters and see but I promise you that this is very real and if you begin to pay attention to how you feel and then you start to notice when there's times when you feel really good and you're very connected to your inner being and that part of you is knows a lot of things it had infinite intelligence. If you can really feel connected to that part of you not the surface mind not the part of you that's worried about what other people think of you and you know the part that's worried is not your inner being. Your inner being just knows. That's kind of like your gut feeling you know that part of you that hears that little voice. inside your head that tells you to do something or not to do something that's your inner being. It has an intelligence and it's always right it's always right. So listening to that inner being is so essential.

And that's what we're learning to do. We're learning to trust that part of us that knows the answers to these problems or issues. that we have in our life. Helps us to manifest what we truly want to have in our lives. What we truly desire and we're always expanding we're always growing we're always wanting more of a greater experience because we're infinite beings if we were limited it would be boring. if we got it all and that was it we would be bored. So there's always more to learn we're always growing. We need to get into a gentle alignment with our desires and how do we do that?

Well we're paying attention to how we feel for sure but it's not a forcing and it's not a pushing and it's not a driving towards our goals you know like a I have to get this done. But it's really just being very gentle. It's kind of like if you can think of a time when you had an idea about something you wanted it's was probably something small and you didn't really have a lot of pressure on you to get that thing it wasn't like make or break your life it was just something that you just thought it would be fun to have and then the period of time is not that critical but it probably didn't take that long and all of a sudden it showed up and you didn't really have to try all that hard I mean it just showed up. It's because you were in this easy gentle alignment so that's what we want to do when we want to see our desires some to fruition is be very gentle and align with our selves so that there's nothing within us that's preventing us from reaching our target. It's definitely a practice.

This is really called just conscious co-creating because we're not really doing it.It's the Universe is doing it. We are setting our desires and intentions to have this come about in our life but we didn't really make it happen we were part of the process of it happening but it was the Universe that really did do the work. So I've got these takeaways for you. About reaching your goals and how to do it. I would say that focusing on your goals daily and evaluating whatever we measure we tend to achieve. So if you're not really being very conscious about your goals if you're not really looking at them and seeing am I closer or further away? Did I do what I said I was gonna do or did I slack off just being very conscious and just measuring am I on track? that really does help.

You're going to give yourself time every day I'd like to say if you give yourself a numerical score it helps to really realize am I on target? Not in a judgmental way but just to have a conscious awareness. I would say just continuously be aware of how you feel another key. I know that the more you can really understand that the way you feel if you're happy and you're joyous and you're feeling full of energy and life and zest and you're having fun wow you're on target. and if you're feeling frustrated and you're disappointed and your impatient like why is that not here now? Those kind of things or if you're doubting that it's going to happen those are killer total killers of your desires coming to you. so you can be conscious and aware and realize that the feeling is really the key and if you can if you're finding yourself in a negative emotion than for sure you can stop and what I recommend is is you're really in a bad state because you're new to this you're really on a downward spiral and it seems like the ceiling is collapsing in then go take a nap. Like that's the best thing.You can wake up and start anew or if you're someone who can meditate that's even better n some cases because you're putting your mind in a still place and you're open and receptive.

It's a spiritual practice for sure. I do recommend that you do it everyday. It's so incredible. First thing in the morning is when I do it. Sometimes I only have five minutes sometimes I have issues with my dogs barking. My dogs bark very loud. So it's hard but sometimes I also force myself to sit and meditate right through the barking because I mean this is of course there's no one else to be bothered but I use it as a way to discipline my mind so that I'm not in aversion I'm not hating on that sound I'm just neutralizing it it's a practice so that when I come into my daily life and I meet with an experience that bothers me I come into that neutral place and then I also practice breathing exercises that obviously bring in more oxygen into my body and uplift my mind my mental state and exhilarate me so that I feel powerful and productive but it also allows me to recognize that I do have control over my self and the way I think and the way I view the world my perspective can change and that's very powerful I'm not the victim of circumstances I'm not the victim of conditions I'm not the victim of what's happening now I can actually choose a different feeling a different thought and circumstances can change from me feeling differently. which is really interesting that 's quantum physics 101.

I would also say that I can also choose to use my vision in such a way where I place my awareness on my third eye and I can recite a mantra. Om nama shivaya and this is especially helpful if you're facing something difficult where you're like totally in aversion and you don't like it you don't want to go through it you don't want to be where you're at. It's great because first of all it distracts your mind off of what you don't like and that in of itself is powerful but the words themselves I'm bowing to Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva is The Destroyer and in essence you're eradicating that which you don't want but in a positive manner because you're bowing to this deity that is all powerful. So like that. and it works for me and it is powerful. and that combined with the breath is a powerful practice. And so these are just a few things that you could do that I want to pass on to you.

Morning routine. Creating a morning routine for yourself. First thing I do I roll out of bed and I know I have to go right ton to my meditation mat well for me it's a meditation chair and it's the same chair every time I don't use a different chair it's always the meditation chair because it carries a specific energy about it If you use a chair that you use for something else it will carry the energy of the other thing and it will distract you so it's important to be conscious and awake what you're doing. So I meditate anywhere from 20 -25 minutes. I focus on my breath and sometimes I read some sacred text beforehand sometimes I contemplate sometimes I speak to angels to spirit to angelic beings to the Arcturians and sometimes I do yoga I do a few yoga stretches in the morning pretty much I do breathing exercises and I also focus on eating very nourishing foods that will help with my mental acuity so I don't want to eat grains and things that will cause brain fog I use foods that are rich in chlorophyll I have my smoothie every morning I also have a plant based shake with Reishi and various mushrooms and herbs in it. This really helps me to feel very good for a very long time.

Finally I like to mention use the power of declaration for your morning or even your day. I think it's important to realize that if you're going to achieve your goals you have to realize that it's going to happen now not a year from now it's happening now so you need to say repeat after me, "This is my time. This is my time." Know that you are more powerful than you think you are and remember that the journey of a thousand footsteps begins with the first step. So you must take action daily. and pay attention to what you're thinking and how you're feeling. And you will indeed achieve your goals quickly might I add. Thanks for listening. See you next time.


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