Your Mission Is to Feel Good (Yes You Can!)

Updated: Apr 3

Ok folks we have seen enough doom and gloom in social media and CNN (Constant Negative News). It's time for an injection of happiness. You can and MUST turn your attention away from all that DRAMA and know that The Universe is benevolent. What is happening all around us is a by product of the Old Paradigm trying to hold on to what is dying.

But there is a peace now as life as we KNEW it has slowed Waaaaaay down.There are things to be grateful for if we change what we focus on. There are blue skies now in China. People are walking their dogs and the dogs are grateful. People are reaching out to help one another. Individuals are looking within and realizing that they are more than they thought they were. Yes, there are people dying and loss of jobs, income and that is tough to swallow.

The Old Paradigm is one that is not working. It benefits a small few while billions suffer. That paradigm is decaying and falling apart right now. That is what we are seeing. But at the same time the new energy is also present. We must bring all of our focus here.

There is a grand astrological occurrence happening April 4th. Your presence is important. This is our opportunity now to collectively push the tide in our favor towards a just global society. The balance of power can be swayed in favor of cooperation, understanding and humanitarianism. Age of Aquarius. A mass of 1 million meditators is needed.

Studies have shown over and over again that when large groups of meditator get together crime is reduced. Wars end. Violence is lowered or stopped. In order for the New Paradigm to be birthed we need you. We need you consciousness. You are important.

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Social media fuels fear and anxieties like gasoline on fire.

This virus knows no borders. We cannot deny we are All One.

Be careful what you focus on.

You cannot overcome a situation by continuing to look at it. By doing so we breathe more life into it and it is therefore magnified.

When we declare what we want by turning away from the unwanted condition we're purifying our minds and letting in the all good.


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